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Grayscale’s GBTC is the second most active stock on leading U.S. OTC market in 2020

Quick TakeGrayscale’s GBTC is the second most actively traded stock on leading U.S....

Today 08h22

Dutch Authorities Arrest 2 in Million-Euro Crypto Money Laundering Investigations

Dutch tax enforcers with the Netherlands’ Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service arrested two men Monday for laundering millions of euros in cryptocurrency....

Today 08h10

Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC/USD Head and Shoulders Breakdown?

Bitcoin formed a head and shoulders pattern on its 4-hour chart to signal that a reversal from the climb is due. Price already dipped below the neckline of the chart pattern to indicate that a selloff of the same height as the formation is about to follow....

Today 08h00

Julian Assange Allegedly Offered Pardon for Denying Russian Hacking

The WikiLeaks founder’s lawyer claims a U.S....

Today 08h00

Gram Token Injunction Could Go Down to the Wire

Gram investors may be able to claim a refund if Telegram does not launch its network before April 30...

Today 07h48

Bitcoin Just Signaled “Sell” And It’s Vulnerable to a Massive Correction

Bitcoin failed to climb convincingly above $10,200 against the US Dollar. As a result, BTC declined heavily below $9,800 and it is now vulnerable for a bigger a correction. Bitcoin price failed to clear the $10,200 and $10,300 resistance levels against the US Dollar....

Today 07h28

Blockchain and e-Commerce: An Inseparable Duo

e-Commerce is an economic activity characterized by buying and selling products or services on the internet. The process is inherently electronic in nature and involves active use of internet connection to take place. In this day and time, it is impossible to talk about the economy without taking into consideration the influence of e-commerce....

Today 07h21

Binance Executive: Bitcoin (BTC) Emerging as Flight to Safety Investment While XRP Centers on Instant Settlements

Binance US CEO Catherine Coley joined CNBC’s Power Lunch on Wednesday to discuss the current state of Bitcoin (BTC) and the greater altcoin markets. The Bitcoin boon in 2020 has lifted BTC to its highest levels since October, cracking $10,000 after starting the year around $7,245....

Today 07h12

Don’t Just Keep Your Cryptocurrency, Earn Money from Staking

Staking cryptocurrencies will define the future of digital assets. Many people, however, do not know what staking means, which makes it harder to understand how to get into it. What is Staking in Crypto? Imagine you are an investor who wants to save a huge sum of money in a bank....

Today 06h39

Gemcoin Founder Admits to Fraud in $147 Million Scheme

Gemcoin mastermind faces 10-year prison sentence over $147 million cryptocurrency scheme...

Today 06h20

South Korea’s Central Bank Is Building a New Blockchain System for the Bond Market

The Bank of Korea is reportedly looking to build a blockchain system for the Korean bond market....

Today 06h00

Bitcoin just saw its fifth largest hourly price drop ever; here’s where it may go next

Bitcoin investors were taken aback to witness Bitcoin’s massive flash crash today, which led the benchmark cryptocurrency to plummet from $10,200 to lows of $9,200 in a mere matter of minutes, with its sudden downturn leading the aggregated crypto market to follow suit....

Today 05h56

How crypto crawled its way into financial advisors’ hearts

Cryptocurrency isn’t bordering on mass adoption yet, at least by the general population. However, a new survey by Bitwise Asset Management of more than 400 financial advisors, shows that 13% of advisors would be allocating crypto to their clients in 2020, up from 6% in 2019....

Today 05h42

Ethereum Just Reversed and $240 Is Imminent, Here’s Why

Ethereum failed again to surpass the $288 resistance area against the US Dollar. As a result, ETH price declined sharply below $270 and it might soon revisit the $240 support. Ethereum failed on a couple of occasions to surpass $286 and $288 against the US Dollar....

Today 05h18

ICYMI Hidden Money: 1,300 Pounds of Coins Uncovered by Construction Workers, IHOP Flips Into Rare Currency Collector

Construction workers in Spain excavated a treasure trove of 1,300 pounds of ancient bronze Roman coins. The workers were reportedly creating a ditch to install a new water line when they struck 19 amphoras filled with coins....

Today 05h00

Blockchain for the Environment: It Is Real and It Is Here

Blockchain technology could be the main tool in the efforts to combat climate changes...

Today 04h00

CME posts one of its largest volume days ever as Bitcoin marks three-month buy-streak

Trading volume has rocketed to a near-all-time-high on the CME cash-settled Bitcoin futures market as the number-one crypto by market capitalization continues one of its longest unbroken uptrends since the first half of last year....

Today 03h32

Swiss Savers View Cryptocurrencies as Option, Now That Bank Accounts Don’t Save Them From Inflation

Cryptocurrencies are gradually becoming a viable alternative for savers in Switzerland, according to a new poll. The Alpine nation’s crypto-friendly business climate and increasing regulatory clarity makes them a relatively easy addition to investors’ portfolios....
Today 03h05

Israel’s Attorney General Says Banks Can’t Refuse Services To Crypto Firms

Israel’s Attorney General refutes court’s blanket ban on crypto related transactions in banks and financial institutions....

Today 02h47

US Bitcoin Miner Aims to Repatriate 30% of Hash Rate Citing National Security

New US Bitcoin mining outfit Layer1 has launched operations and aims to ‘repatriate’ 30% of the hash rate for the sake of ‘national security’...

Today 02h32

Bitcoin price crashes by $800 in minutes

The price of Bitcoin has fallen below the $10,000 mark but will it stop the rally?The post Bitcoin price crashes by $800 in minutes appeared first on Decrypt....

Today 02h18

Bitcoin Slides Back Below $10K Amid Quick Bearish Sell-Off

Bitcoin has dipped back below the psychological area of support near the $10,000 level amid a 20 minute bearish sell-off....

Today 01h52

Unstoppable Domains blockchain browser for Web 3.0 experience

Unstoppable Domains blockchain browser will soon be a reality promising easy access to the decentralized web. Backing the Unstoppable Domains; Tim Draper is a well-known name in the crypto realm especially when it comes to blockchain solutions, decentralized applications or dApps, and community concerns....

Today 01h34

Bitcoin (BTC) Indicator That Signaled 20,500%, 6,750%, and 150% Rallies Flashing – But This Analyst Warns Crypto Winter Could Return Early

Crypto traders are tracking a rare Bitcoin (BTC) indicator known as the golden cross. It happens when an asset’s 50-daily moving average rises above its 200-daily moving average. Analysts use the cross, which occurred on Tuesday, to try and identify future bull markets....

Today 01h04

Tim Draper Invests $1 Million into ‘Digital Court’ Blockchain Project

Billionaire investor Tim Draper has invested a million dollars in Aragon, a blockchain-based startup aiming to facilitate the creation and management of DAOs, and create the first digital jurisdiction. Aragon wants to decentralize power by creating a blockchain-based court system for community members to settle disputes....

Today 01h00

How many Satoshis in a Bitcoin? Explained

Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency with the market capitalization of over 170 billion USD. As the price of bitcoin continues to grow, it is tough for a working-class person to own one bitcoin, but it is not necessary to do so. You can also buy a fraction of a bitcoin....

Today 08h29

Ripple XRP price follows market to $0.277

Ripple XRP price movement has been following the king of cryptocurrency Bitcoin in the major bullish drive and today when the Bitcoin price fell all major cryptocurrencies fell down with it. Ripple XRP price movement was no exception when it comes to the bearish pull back today and for good reason....

Today 08h18

Tesla (TSLA) Stock Crosses $900 as It Continues Its Mammoth Bull Run with 7% Surge

Coinspeaker Tesla (TSLA) Stock Crosses $900 as It Continues Its Mammoth Bull Run with 7% SurgeOptimism over Tesla's growing solar business has added more fuel taking the TSLA stock price above $900 billion....

Today 08h04

Ethereum price plummets despite strong network activity growth

Ethereum’s intense uptrend seen throughout 2020 reached a boiling point in early-February, with ETH’s break above $200 allowing it to incur parabolic momentum that led it to highs of $290....

Today 08h00

Samsung Galaxy S20 Models Feature Ultra Safe Crypto Wallets

Coinspeaker Samsung Galaxy S20 Models Feature Ultra Safe Crypto WalletsSamsung Galaxy S20 phones are famous for hardcore crypto support....

Today 07h50

Future Blockchain Summit to launch game-changing Blockchain training platform

The world is “crying out for” skilled Blockchain developers, according to Summit organisers Dubai World Trade Centre GENESIS will be MENA’s first multi-protocol certified training programThe post Future Blockchain Summit to launch game-changing Blockchain training platform appeared first on AMBCrypto....

Today 07h30

Altcoins Fall from $100 Billion MCap – Will XRP, Ethereum and Litecoin Hold Support?

The total market capitalization of altcoins slips below $100 billion on 19th February after a flash drop in Bitcoin....

Today 07h25

Fortress Financial Group Increases Buyout Offer for Mt. Gox Claims

The group has offered more to purchase claims from creditors who lost money from the infamous $480 million hack...

Today 07h20

No, Concentration Among Miners Isn’t Going to Break Bitcoin

Bitcoin's resilience doesn't depend on widely distributed mining power....

Today 07h00

Ripple (XRP) Showing Signs of Weakness But $0.25 Holds The Key

Ripple failed to clear the key $0.3080 resistance and declined sharply against the US Dollar. XRP price is down 5%, but there are many key supports on the downside. Ripple price started a strong decline after it was rejected near the $0.3080 area against the US dollar....

Today 06h28

Boerse Stuttgart: New German Crypto Regulation Poised to Attract Institutional Investors

Since the new German crypto regulation went into effect, financial institutions in Germany have been preparing to offer crypto custody services. Among them is Boerse Stuttgart, the country’s second-largest stock exchange....
Today 06h16

Bitcoin Price Prints A Bearish Pattern: Can The $9,200 Support Hold?

Bitcoin price slides under the two-month ascending channel as lower levels towards $9,000 continue to beckon....

Today 05h58

How will the Ripple IPO affect the price of XRP?

Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple’s CEO, recently announced that an IPO could happen within the next year. Given that XRP prices have been noted, and the momentum behind the event isn’t being given too much attention by commentators, it’s not clear how this event would affect Ripple. So, how will the Ripple IPO affect the price of XRP? Let’s take a look....

Today 05h48

Bitcoin Price forms Critical Support for Bulls at $9500 as Bearish Indicators Light Up

Bitcoin price plunges by over $850 in less than hour liquidating over $126 million in longs on BitMEX alone....

Today 05h23

Israeli Banks Should Not Deny Services to Crypto Firms: Attorney General

Israeli banks should not deny services to firms involved with crypto, attorney general Avichai Mandelblit said...

Today 05h10

Enigma is the Latest ICO to get Punished by the SEC

A lot of ICO projects have come under SEC scrutiny since 2017. The latest to get scrutinized is Enigma, a company raising roughly $45 million. Most initial coin offerings will be scrutinized sooner or later. Another ICO Gets Punished Virtually all of them raised money by selling unregistered securities....

Today 05h00

BTC Price Plummets $800 in an Hour

Today’s Bitcoin flash crash also wiped 5% or more off most of the top 20 cryptocurrencies...

Today 03h45

HSBC firing 35000 employees by 2022?

The rumors on the media have it that HSBC firing 35000 employees in a swift transaction to the digital systems. One of the largest banks across the globe, Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, better known as HSBC is planning to let go as many as 35000 employees in the next two years in order to invest in digital systems....

Today 03h14

Here’s Why the Aftermath of Bitcoin’s Insane Plunge Isn’t as Bearish as it Seems

This afternoon, investors bore witness to an insane Bitcoin (BTC) flash crash that sent the cryptocurrency reeling from the lower-$10,000 region to lows of $9,200, which is where it was able to find some support that helped it climb higher....

Today 03h00

Coinbase and Visa Team Up to Expand Crypto Cards

Coinbase has announced that it is now a Visa principal member, the first crypto company to gain membership....

Today 02h42

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Has Solid Fundamentals Despite Price dropping 21%

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is one of the worst performing digital assets in the top 20....

Today 02h22

Bitcoin price at $9600 heavy Bitcoin whales manipulation in play

It seems that the Bitcoin whales have run out of fuel as Bitcoin BTC witnessed a flash crash in the past hour. Bitcoin price fell as low down to $9400 range before coming back up to the current price levels in the $9600 range....

Today 02h17

Irish Court Freezes Over €62 Million EUR Worth Of Bitcoins From A Drug Dealer’s Wallet

The Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) seized over $62 million in Bitcoin (BTC) from a drug dealer after a judge declared the assets as proceeds of ...

Today 01h50

Ethereum price takes a plunge to $262: What’s next?

The queen of cryptocurrency Ethereum ETH is in a state of dilemma, just like the king Bitcoin. Ethereum price movement had been halted by the strong resistance point found at the $280 mark. In the past hours, the cryptocurrency has taken a strong plunge down to the $262 range....

Today 01h29

Venture capitalist Tim Draper bought 1M ANT tokens to join the Aragon network

Venture capitalist Tim Draper has bought 1 million ANT tokens, approximately $823,000, to join the governance structure of Aragon, an open-source software project for managing decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).The post Venture capitalist Tim Draper bought 1M ANT tokens to join the Aragon network appeared first on The Block....

Today 01h01