$364 Billion Investment Manager Invesco Files For Bitcoin ETF

Independent investment firm Invesco, which currently operates 233 ETFs in the U.S., quietly applied for a Bitcoin ETF on Thursday....

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Coinbase CEO Armstrong Decries Infrastructure Bill Draft


Today 13h44

PlayDapp (PLA) Now Accessible on Coinbase

The platform of PlayDapp (PLA) has now been made accessible at Coinbase. The users of Coinbase will now be able to engage in trading, sending, receiving, and storing PLA across the regions supported by Coinbase....

Today 13h31

Polkadot Price Analysis: DOT fails to reach the previous high at $20, set for another retracement?

TL;DR Breakdown DOT rallied yesterday. Resistance found around $19.5. Polkadot is set to retest $17 support again. Polkadot price analysis indicates bearish momentum to follow later today as a slightly lower high was set overnight, and bears have taken over market momentum over the past hours....

Today 13h12

Ethereum (ETH) jumps, then dumps, ahead of crucial EIP-1559 upgrade

Ethereum, the world’s most-used blockchain, jumped to over $2,700 ahead of the EIP-1559 set for later today, data from multiple sources shows....

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'Red Alert' Crypto Campaign Gathers Support to Amend US Infrastructure Bill

Numerous US crypto advocates have launched an ambitious campaign aimed at driving up support for an amendment to a controversial infrastructure bill – claiming that the legislation would usher in “sweeping surveillance of crypto holders.”An updated version of the bill – which would seek to fund and enshrine billions of dollars worth of public spend...

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Voyager Token (VGX) Stays Bullish Above 20%

Voyager Token (VGX) has stayed bullish above 20% in the past 24 hours....

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Coinbase acquires crypto data aggregator Zabo.

Crypto exchange giant Coinbase has agreed to acquire the crypto data aggregator Zabo. The firm enables fintechs and financial services firms to connect with crypto exchanges, wallets, and protocols. Zabo announced the news yesterday, saying that it is joining Coinbase to further its mission of bringing crypto mainstream....

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Uruguay Seeks To Adopt Cryptocurrencies As Legal Payment Method

Uruguayan Senator Juan Satori has drafted a bill that, if passed, would make crypto a legal means of payment in the country. Legal Payment Method vs....

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Billionaire Ray Dalio Likes Bitcoin But Would Choose Gold

According to Ray Dalio, Bitcoin is a good investment tool to diversify one's portfolio, but gold is a better option as a store of value....

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Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH swiftly spikes above $2,750 overnight, prepares to set another higher low today?

TL;DR Breakdown ETH spiked higher yesterday. Resistance found around the $2,750 mark. Ethereum currently retraces to set a higher low. Ethereum price analysis indicates bearish momentum to follow later today as the market retraces from the $2,750 high. Therefore, we expect ETH/USD to retrace later today and test the $2,550 mark next....

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FBI Joins Probe Into Collapsed South African Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme

In what is seen as a boost for Mirror Trading International (MTI) investors, United States investigators are said to have joined the probe into the collapsed bitcoin scheme. According to a report, the U.S....

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Coinbase acquires crypto exchange data aggregator Zabo

Zabo’s API integrations include more than 50 crypto exchanges and wallet services, including Coinbase’s rival Kraken....

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DeFi Tokens Overtake Ethereum's Rise as Network Hard Fork Looms

The price of Ethereum has soared above $2,750 for the first time in two months, before retreating....

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Ray Dalio Prefers Bitcoin Over Bonds, But Gold Over Bitcoin

Ray Dalio. Source: A video screenshot, Youtube/ Principles by Ray DalioAfter his recent statement that he would personally pick bitcoin (BTC) over a bond, founder of major investment firm Bridgewater Associates Ray Dalio is back with more food for thought....

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Coinbase is acquiring crypto data aggregator Zabo

Coinbase has agreed to acquire crypto data aggregator Zabo for an undisclosed sum.The post Coinbase is acquiring crypto data aggregator Zabo appeared first on The Block....

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MoonBoys Finance to Aurum: What does this change entail for AUR holders?

Last year’s DeFi boom gave rise to a spectrum of emerging trends in the crypto space. Among the most prominent ones is the deflationary token trend that comes with an opportunity for exponential rewards for its investors. Capitalizing on this trend emerged another prominent project called MoonBoys Finance....

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Ethereum Hard Fork: Big Day For Crypto Community

Ethereum London Hard Fork arrives today. Users are saying today is a big day for the entire crypto community....

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Blockchain Life 2021

On October 27-28 in Moscow, Russia at one of the most innovative platforms in the world – Music Media Dome, will take place the 7th International Forum on Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Mining – Blockchain Life 2021....

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FTX wallet adds support for BUSD and BNB tokens on the Binance Smart Chain

FTX wallets now actively support withdrawals for Binance USD (BUSD) and BNB, both native to the Binance Chain and will soon enable users to make deposits via BSC BEP20 tokens....

Today 10h48

FUN Token to kickstart online gambling revolution with move to Polygon

Who doesn’t like success stories? In 2021, one of the biggest success stories in crypto has been that of FUN Token, an ERC-20 token with an incredible vision – bringing decentralized online gambling to the mainstream....

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Bitcoin Tests $40K, ETH Reaches 2-Month High on London Hard Fork Day (Market Watch)

Just hours ahead of the highly-anticipated London Hard Fork, ETH skyrocketed to a two-month high of $2,800....

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Follow These Tips For Becoming A Proficient Trader Of Bitcoins!

If you have just stepped into the bitcoin trading world or desire to enter into this market, some tips can help you do bitcoin trading most effectively and efficiently....

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What Is Bitcoin, And How Paying with Bitcoin Is So Valuable for People?

Bitcoin is the virtual currency or cryptocurrency which was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. This digital currency is different from the other types of coins because it doesn’t have any physical existence....

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Ethereum eyes 3-week winning streak vs. Bitcoin as BTC price drifts below $39K

Another comedown comes as bulls fail to recapture $40,000, adding to the curious contrast between spot price action and bullish on-chain metrics....

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French Euronext to List Bitcoin Mining ETF

A French investment manager, Melanion Capital, has gained approval to list a bitcoin equities Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) on Paris headquartered Euronext which has some €5.6 trillion in listed assets.......

Today 13h55

French fund manager launches EU-regulated ETF that tracks Bitcoin price

France's securities regulator approves, the Bitcoin-tracking fund fully complies with the European Union's UCITS standards....

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Breaking: $364 Billion ETF Manager Invesco Files For Bitcoin Strategy ETF

Invesco, a $364 billion ETF manager has become the latest institutional giant to file for a Bitcoin ETF in the US. The ETF manager filed for a Bitcoin Strategy ETF under Act 40 with the US SEC. The said ETF would hold Bitcoin Futures, Grayscale’s $GBTC shares, and Canadian Purpose Bitcoin ETF....

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Aave price hits two-month high on Wall Street's DeFi adoption hopes

Bids for the lending platform token surged dramatically after Bitwise Investments announced an AAVE-focused fund for institutional investors....

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AccuWeather & Chainlink’s Weather Data in Blockchains

AccuWeather, which has been leading the world in digital media and global weather, has decided to incorporate its top-rated pool of weather information into the Blockchain network. They will do so by launching a node of Chainlink. Chainlink has already made its place among the eminent intermediary blockchain software or middleware in the industry....

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Cardano hard fork event could take place during this period

Cardano’s Hard Fork Combinator [HFC] event will be taking place by the end of August, as per the latest update provided by founder Charles Hoskinson. In his latest vlog, Hoskinson provided the community with updates and a timeline that can be expected for the HFC rollout....

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What’s Ahead for Ethereum (ETH) Miners After London Hardfork?

Ethereum network’s London Hardforl is said to be the biggest upgrade before the transition to Proof-of-Stake ETH 2.0. The hard fork is scheduled to commence today that would bring key changes to the ETH blockchain. One of the most talked-about upgrades during the London Hardfork is the EIP-1559 implementation....

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Robert Breedlove Breaks His Silence About The BitClout Fiasco

In an emotional, awkward, and enlightening conversation, Bitcoin author and podcaster Robert Breedlove took full responsibility. His flirtation with the blockchainy-Twitter-clone BitClout really hurt his brand. The Bitcoin community was ruthless. Breedlove’s response-essay “Freedom from Bitcoin Maximalism” didn’t help his cause....

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Coinbase Acquires Crypto Connector Zabo for Undisclosed Amount

Coinbase has acquired crypto start-up Zabo which helps users integrate their crypto wallets....

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Echoing GameStop saga, retail traders fuel Robinhood stock price hike

After a decidedly lackluster IPO debut last week, Robinhood shares have been wildly volatile in recent days, at one point skyrocketing by as much as 81% on the day....

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Shiba Inu Price Aims To Break $0.000007 Yet The Bulls Face A Stumbling Block!

The post Shiba Inu Price Aims To Break $0.000007 Yet The Bulls Face A Stumbling Block! appeared first on Coinpedia - Fintech & Cryptocurreny News Media| Crypto GuideShiba Inu price still trends within the same parallel channel, it started trending a fortnight ago....

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Binance Coin: High-risk traders have this longing opportunity awaiting them

Disclaimer: The findings of the following analysis are the sole opinions of the writer and should not be considered investment advice Binance has been doing the rounds in the media for a number of reasons....

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Copper.co expands to US market following Alan Howard investment

Copper.co has raised a total of $84.3 million through funding rounds, with the latest being a Series B investment that helped the company raise $50 million....

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Uruguay senator proposes bill to classify Bitcoin and other cryptos as ‘legal tender’

A senator in the Uruguayan parliament, Senator Juan Satori has joined the league of politicians supporting Bitcoin as he recently introduced a draft bill that proposes the regulation and enablement of the adoption of crypto payments by businesses....

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Humanode Enters Republic Crypto


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Venture Capital firm a16z calls for crypto amendments to the “flawed” US Infrastructure Bill

Venture capital firm, Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) has issued an open letter, suggesting amendments to the bipartisan, $1.2 trillion worth, US infrastructure bill, that plans to radically increase crypto tax and raise nearly $28 billion from cryptocurrency tax enforcement measures. Latest tax regulations will also allow the U.S....

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GreenTrust Token Representative Discusses Eco-Conscious Mission

The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by Cryptonews.com journalists. GreenTrust Token is quickly becoming the top eco-conscious cryptocurrency. This, during a time when cryptocurrency has become increasingly under threat for not being as environmentally conscious as it once seemed....

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What Does SEC Chief’s Refusal to Comment on Ethereum’s Security Status Signify?

Gary Gensler, the head of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently appeared on CNBC to talk about crypto regulations and how the commission plans to implement rules around the decentralized market. Gensler said regulations would make crypto more accessible and increase its adoption....

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Whales Move $1,600,000,000 in Bitcoin and Ethereum, Crypto Quant CEO Says Activity Shows Bears May Be in Trouble

Crypto traders are tracking a series of massive Bitcoin and Ethereum transfers. Several whales moved more than $1.6 billion in Bitcoin (BTC) and $570 million in Ethereum (ETH) over a 12-hour period, according to crypto tracker Whale Alert....

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Market Analysis Report (05 Aug 2021)

Crypto Community Rallies to Change ‘Unworkable Requirements’ in Infrastructure Bill | Google Starts Allowing Some Cryptocurrency Ads | JPMorgan Pitches In-House Bitcoin Fund to Wealthy Clients...

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Uruguay Senator Sartori Unveils Crypto Adoption and Regulation Bill

Juan Sartori. Source: Twitter/@JuanSartoriUYA powerful young Uruguayan entrepreneur and senator has launched a bid that might ensure that businesses in the country can legally accept crypto as payments.Juan Sartori, 40, is the founder of the Union Group conglomerate and the co-owner and director of the British football club Sunderland AFC....

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France-based Melanion Capital Secures Regulatory Approval for Bitcoin ETF

The latest report shows that France-based fund manager Melanion Capital has received a regulatory go-ahead for an exchange-traded fund that seeks to track the price of Bitcoin (BTC) while satisfying the laws in Europe. In the information provided to Financial Times, Melanion Capital noted that the fund is 90% correlated to Bitcoin....

Today 10h44

Ripple Price Analysis: XRP finds resistance at $0.74, prepares for further downside?

TL;DR Breakdown XRP tested previous lows around $0.70 yesterday. Resistance was found at around $0.74 overnight. XRP/USD is set to drop further today. Ripple price analysis indicates bearish momentum to follow over the next 24 hours as further upside could not be found overnight....

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Why Your Business Should Make The Change And Start Accepting Bitcoins?

From the skyrocketing value, bitcoin is now entering into the mainstream and the most important sectors of the world, including businesses, film industries, etc. Various companies have started to adopt bitcoin as it is a terrific cryptocurrency that carries many advantages with it....

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SEC has no authority over crypto, CFTC commissioner argues

Former CFTC chairman Christopher Giancarlo argued that the CFTC is the only U.S....

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