Research: Inflation rate of XRP was 400% higher than that of Bitcoin over past 12 months

Most top crypto assets share similar characteristics — they’re mostly decentralized, global, non-sovereign, and permissionless assets not tied to a real-world asset. Where cryptocurrencies largely differ, then, is in their monetary policy — or in some cases, their lack thereof....

Today 02h01

Kleiman Lawyers Seize on New Evidence of Craig Wright's 'Fabrication'

The Kleiman estate's legal team has seized upon this week's revelation that 145 Bitcoin addresses claimed by Craig Wright are controlled by someone else....

Today 01h48

Top Crypto Analysts Slam Goldman Sachs Wild Bitcoin Calls; Price Spikes Past $9,100

The crypto Twitter space is on a ravaging fire, as Goldman Sachs report dismisses Bitcoin’s value as an asset class for investors....

Today 01h27

Trump Threatens to Close Down Social Media Platforms After Twitter Tampers With His Tweets

A row with Twitter has provoked U.S. President Donald Trump to threaten to close down social media platforms. This follows Twitter tampering with Trump’s tweets to alert people to fact check his claims. Trump is further outraged by Twitter’s use of “fake news” sources to fact check his tweets....
Today 01h05

Analysts are Cautious of the Crypto Market’s Latest Push Higher; Factors to Consider

The aggregated crypto market saw a sharp rise today fueled by widespread liquidations of short positions This movement came about following an extended period of sideways trading within the upper-$8,000 region Analysts are cautious about the market-wide trend shift, as some are noting that there are a few factors that signal it will be followed by ...

Today 01h00

Earn up to 8% Interest on Your Bitcoin, Ranking the Top Four Lending Services

Are you invested in Bitcoin? Instead of having your coins sit idle, you could earn up to 8% per year by lending your BTC to one of these companies....

Today 00h42

Privacy browser Brave now enables encrypted video calls

The crypto-friendly company says private and unlimited calls can now be made straight from its browser....

Today 00h06

South Korean Electronics Giant LG Joins Hedera Hashgraph Council

Electronics giant LG joined the Hedera Hashgraph governing council Wednesday....

Today 00h00

Lithuania’s Central Bank Completes Blockchain Regulatory Research

The Bank of Lithuania finished its research phase on the LBChain’s blockchain project that aims to provide a regulatory infrastructure....

Yesterday 23h45

Resignation at Identity Initiative Raises Doubts About Immunity Passes

Prominent researcher Elizabeth Renieris said ID2020 was moving too fast to adopt unproven technology, including distributed ledgers, for immunity passes....

Yesterday 23h40

Bitcoin price rises to $9200, move to $9350 next?

On the 27th of May, Bitcoin price led the crypto market with an uptrend towards the $9200 mark. RocketBomb is a crypto analyst who suggested that the BTCUSD trading pair will make its way towards $9200, followed by $9350....

Yesterday 23h31

GRX Group’s GRID Platform Hosts its First Tokenized Security

Digital advertising platform tribeOS launched its shares as tokenized securities on GSX Group’s GRID platform....

Yesterday 23h30

Ethereum is Ready For Heavy Volatility, And Analysts Predict a Big Rally

It’s been a quiet past few days for Ethereum and the rest of the crypto market. After last week’s correction, prices have settled. ETH is trading about 10% lower than its May highs, which is about the same performance assets like Bitcoin....

Yesterday 23h10

Bitcoin Cash price rises above $230

Bitcoin Cash price kept varying above the $227 level on the 27th of May. The cryptocurrency traded within a day’s range of $227.21 — $234.67, while it rose across the $230 mark before closing the 24-hour chart. The 24h BCH volume was recorded at $3,090,286,877 US Dollars at the time of writing....

Yesterday 23h08

Bitwage Introduces New BTC-Based 401K Program

Gemini and Bitwage are unveiling a new 401K plan that’s centered around bitcoin. Bitwage Is Bringing You a BTC 401K This is more proof that bitcoin and its crypto cousins are becoming far more mainstream and legitimate....

Yesterday 23h00

Binance stablecoin jumps in the Kyber Network DeFi pool

Binance’s BUSD stablecoin is now available for trading on the Kyber Network...

Yesterday 22h46

South Korea is Exploring New Crypto Tax Laws

The government of South Korean is preparing to legislate crypto taxes by proposing a new amendment to the existing law....

Yesterday 22h30

Russian Authorities Disagree Over Lifting Telegram Ban

While Russia is facing disagreement over the legal status of Telegram and crypto, both continue operating in the country....

Yesterday 22h12

Watch It Live: SpaceX and NASA Prep for Today’s Historic Launch

SpaceX and NASA are gearing up for a historic launch from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. SpaceX is preparing to launch astronauts Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken to the International Space Station at 4:33 pm ET today....

Yesterday 22h07

Bitmain Cofounder Allegedly Expelled – Could Face Litigation for Operation Interference

One of the largest ASIC mining manufacturers worldwide, Bitmain, has allegedly ousted cofounder Micree Zhan. Regional reports note that he’s been threatened with litigation if he interferes with company operations. According to two local announcements written in Chinese, Bitmain has warned Zhan two times not to intervene with employees....
Yesterday 22h02

Frisco Residents can Have Food Orders Delivered by Robots

It has always been a matter of tie, but robots have effectively begun delivering groceries in select areas. Frisco, Texas will be a very interesting region to keep an eye on in this regard. According to local media, the rollout of delivery robots is bound to occur fairly soon....

Yesterday 22h00

A close look at the activity of Argent’s 20,000 wallets

Quick TakeArgent is a leading smart contract mobile wallet backed by venture funds, Index Ventures and ParadigmThe Block reviews user activity data across Argent’s life to date...

Yesterday 21h59

38 Questions for Quantum’s Mati Greenspan

CoinDesk Confessionals explores the inner psyche of blockchain's leading professionals....

Yesterday 21h54

Fading Bitcoin (BTC) Dominance Could Signal a Possible Altseason

In brief: Bitcoin’s dominance in the crypto markets has started to fade. BTC halving hype has reduced. Therefore, traders and investors might switch their attention to other digital assets. The alt-coin market capitalization continues to steadily increase as Bitcoin battles to keep its head above $9,000....

Yesterday 21h44

Vitalik Buterin: Trump Twitter clash ‘shows why we need an alternative’

The Ethereum co-founder weighed in on the Trump-Twitter controversy today, and why we need alternatives to centralized social media platforms....

Yesterday 21h29

Telegram’s court case against SEC put to rest?

Telegram’s court case against SEC (U.S. Security and Exchange Commission) that has been on for several months has finally been laid to rest. Telegram decided to bury its matches against the regulators after halting its appeal against a ban imposed on its TON blockchain project’s tokens....

Today 02h14

Bitcoin (BTC) Billionaires Blast Goldman Sachs After Financial Giant Says Crypto Not a Viable Investment

Goldman Sachs just wrapped up a highly anticipated investor call that focused, in part, on its outlook for Bitcoin....

Today 01h48

Ethereum Gets Interoperability Boost With Ren Protocol’s RenVM Release

Ren, a decentralized finance protocol friendly to Ethereum that enables inter-blockchain liquidity, has announced the launch of the RenVM mainnet. The company said that RenVM will bring cross-chain assets to the Ethereum ecosystem. This will begin first with the introduction of BTC, BCH, and ZEC, and later with other digital assets....

Today 01h30

Google Cloud Gets Involved With Theta Network as Its 2.0 Mainnet Launches

Theta Network, a blockchain-based media platform, has announced that Google Cloud will serve as a node operator and cloud provider. The news coincides with Theta’s mainnet 2.0 launch....

Today 01h20

UK lockdown had profound effect on Bitcoin purchases, says Revolut

Bitcoin buying dropped off more than half in March, but rebounded soundly in April, according to the fintech company....

Today 01h02

Hacker Steals $1,200 Worth of ETH Using GitHub Bots

Hackers have managed to steal $1,200 worth of ether (ETH) from a Reddit user after he accidentally left his wallet’s recovery phrase in a GitHub repository for less than two minutes....

Today 00h49

Analyst Who Called Bitcoin Drop to $3,000s Expects Another Brutal Bear Market

Bitcoin has rallied strongly since the $3,700 lows established in March. From the bottom of the crash, the cryptocurrency is now up just shy of 150%. Although this upswing has convinced many in the industry that the bear market is over, some beg to differ....

Today 00h15

Plaintiffs in Craig Wright case present new evidence that he fabricated his list of Bitcoin addresses and blocks

Plaintiffs in the Kleinman v. Wright lawsuit have filed a new motion in support of their previously filed sanctions motion, arguing a list of unclaimed bitcoin addresses and blocks he submitted to the Court is fraudulent....

Today 00h02

LG Shows Interest in Distributed Ledger Technology, Joins Hedera Hashgraph Governing Council

South Korea’s electronic giant exhibits interest in distributed ledger technology....

Today 00h00

Ethereum Network Use Hits a New All-Time High — Will ETH Price Follow?

Interaction with the Ethereum network recently hit an all-time high but the increase in gas usage may pose problems for the cryptocurrency network....

Yesterday 23h42

Printing dollars could be good for Bitcoin. But not why you might think

Two venture capitalists make the case for Bitcoin, regardless of whether monetary expansion leads to inflation....

Yesterday 23h36

Ethereum S2F model predicts future scarcity, inflation

A lot has been said about Ethereum's 2.0 protocol upgrade, one that intends to change the consensus mechanism to proof-of-stake [PoS]....

Yesterday 23h30

Antigua's Crypto Regulation Bill Passes Lower Parliament

Antigua and Barbuda take steps towards becoming crypto-friendly destinations in the Caribbean region....

Yesterday 23h15

Binance users protest outside its disputed Shanghai office

Five Binance users took to the exchange’s Shanghai office—which it says doesn’t exist—to complain about FTX tokens and other issues....

Yesterday 23h08

Market Wrap: Bullish Traders Push Bitcoin Over $9,100, Returning to Halving Levels

Traders were feeling good about bitcoin’s upward trend and pushed it over $9,100 Wednesday....

Yesterday 23h07

Bitfinex is Constantly Printing More Tether, None Of It Has Ever Been Burned

A report indicates that no Ethereum-based Tethers have ever been burned, though new ones are constantly being printed....

Yesterday 23h00

Bitcoin May Be the Solution to Africa’s Broken Financial System

According to a recent report, Africa’s lack of traditional financial infrastructure makes the region fertile ground for cryptocurrency adoption....

Yesterday 22h45

Bitcoin’s Declining Investor Sentiment and Liquidity Points Towards Bearish Downturn, Report

Crypto analytics firm Glassnode says a decline in bitcoin liquidity and investor sentiment points towards a bearish downturn....

Yesterday 22h22

'Almost thrown in the towel' -- Novogratz on fighting the tape

It is "really hard to fight the tape," Galaxy Digital CEO Michael Novogratz said of equity markets now, highlighting that he was putting on puts and put spreads, and has almost thrown in the towel with that strategy and his views on the market direction short term.The market "feels like" it wants to go up, he said in an interview on CNBC, but notes...

Yesterday 22h11

FinCEN Director Blanco Concerned About Bad Actors Hijacking Crypto

The head of the agency that enforces the Bank Secrecy Act and KYC requirements in the U.S....

Yesterday 22h04

Ethereum is Flashing Signs That a Sizable Bull Run is Looming

Ethereum has seen some rather lackluster price action in recent times, hovering around the $200 level as its buyers and sellers largely reach an impasse....

Yesterday 22h00

Bitcoin’s Move Past $9,000 Leaves Wake of Destruction; Liquidates $20m in Shorts

Bitcoin saw a sharp rise overnight that allowed it to firmly surmount the $9,000 region This upwards movement liquidated nearly $20 million in short positions, with buyers now attempting liquidate even more shorts in an attempt to fuel an uptrend The crypto has been rejected within the $9,200 region, however, which could halt its short-term uptrend...

Yesterday 22h00

“Good time for Bitcoiners to stack sats,” Says Blockstream’s Adam Back On Goldman Sachs Crypto Rebuff

Following the public declaration by Goldman Sachs that it does not support its customers to buy Bitcoin, Blockstream CEO Adam Back says this is a “good time to stack sats.” Goldman Sachs had earlier today said during a client-facing call, that cryptocurrencies are not a viable investment option for its clients considering the current industrial [&#...

Yesterday 21h59

Goldman Sachs offers highly flawed analysis of Bitcoin: here’s what they missed

Banking giant Goldman Sachs held its highly anticipated client call today, in which the topic of cryptocurrency was floated....

Yesterday 21h52

Is Bitcoin's short-term bearish signal a weak argument?

2020 has been a year of reckoning for Bitcoin, with the world's largest digital asset now able to establish itself in conversations involving traditional macro assets....

Yesterday 21h30